What is Inbox?

Development of Inbox has been based around the ideas and practices of enthusiasts of GTD — the philosophies of David Allen as presented in his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity which has become a phenomenon across the internet and the world for it's elegance and practicallity.

Being stress-free and productive is the main principle of GTD, and often overlooked in the search for tools to be organized. David Allen poses that in order to be stress-free you must get things off your mind and into a system you can trust to track what you need to be doing, and in fact, what it is you want to be doing. And once you have established such a system and feel "at home" with it, you'll be more productive, and ultimately happier.

Inbox has been designed to help manage and integrate your Mac life in a GTD-like system, without your having to worry about the details of the method or workflow, and without getting in your way while doing it.

Automatic collecting of stuff from all over your Mac

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Inbox helps you quickly collect notes and plan projects to keep your mind clear and focused, and it also has automated collecting to help you gather all the stuff on your Mac that you may want to work with to save you time gathering important things to process.

Inbox comes preset with several collections which gather items from common places on most Macs to get you started.

bullet Using collections to clear your mind

Guided processing of your Inbox

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As all kinds of stuff builds up in your collections you'll want to sort through it, ridding yourself of stuff you don't need and capturing what needs to be done about the things you do need. This is what processing is all about.

Processing is simply a workflow to help to act on or to pass on anything you've collected. The goal here is to get your collected items into a form you can use where and when you need them.

bullet Processing your Inbox to have a mind like water

Easy project planning and to-do lists

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Often when stress is low you'll find yourself planning things you'd like to do in the future. Use Inbox's organize section to create, sort, and manage projects.

You can freely move around actions, notes, and items, simply by dragging them. And you can add items that you collect and process, keeping your projects fluid and up-to-date. With your projects organized Inbox can help you keep track of what you want to get done.

bullet Organizing a project to be creative and commited

Develop your reviewing habits

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Reviewing is a keep aspect of reducing stress and stay in control. A review is another simple workflow to help keep your actions current and help keep you from missing anything important — so your brain is freed from having to remember any nagging things.

Inbox will automatically help you review any neglected actions or projects, as well as assist you in prioritizing your goals.

bullet Reviewing your Inbox to stay present

More effective working in contexts

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The work section is where you can view at all your actions sorted by context — it displays for you what you can do where you are, and not distract you with stuff you can't do right then. It also prioritizes your actions according to what's next and what's due.

The status display at the top of the inbox window shows you your current action in your current context and gives you direct control over what you're getting done. You can even shrink the Inbox window down to just this display to allow you to focus on your work.

bullet Working smarter in context